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Ex Models / The Seconds : "S/T" Cd

Brooklyn's two finest herky jerky new wave combos battle each other across one compact disc.

Philadelphia City Paper says about Ex Models: "Built in a world where nothing makes sense...pinging guitar, ever-racing drums and tirades of yelps explode and piece themselves back together ten times over."

An equally fine quote from Magnet about The Seconds: "A straitjacketed bundle of tics and hiccups. The trio seems to vibrate constantly, each violent tremor amplified in bouncing, bellowing bass and spasms of guitar. It's a sort of sonic nervous breakdown. The music pulls and snaps like elastic, capitalizing on frantic, hairpin left turns and trigger-finger time signatures."

"Brooklyn noise-wavers wild out like the Minutemen on chewable Ritalin. Excellent and super short split Ep!" - Spin

The Seconds' drummer Brian Chase also plays in the alarmingly popular Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

01 Ex Models - "U Got What I Need (Shake)"
02 Ex Models - "3 Weeks"
03 The Seconds - "Mommy Mommy Mommy"
04 The Seconds - "Better Suit"


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