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Emperor Penguin : "Mysterious Pony" Cd

The third Emperor Penguin full-length release in eleven months. Who do these guys think they are, Black Flag?

Also, the first release in My Pal God history with a title voted upon by you the listeners.

Highly acclaimed in glossy magazines like The Wire and Magnet.

01 Night Penguin (Intro)
02 E.D.G.A.R.
03 Hardcastles in the Sky
04 Makin' It
05 Chill or be Chilled
06 Burnt Sienna and Avocado
07 Mysterious Pony
08 Rockin' Radio
09 Mood Mound
10 Underwater Housekeeper
11 Soft and Easy
12 Magic Beams
13 After Midnight


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