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Emperor Penguin : "Extreme Gaming" Cd

Emperor Penguin! America's a-number-one electro jam squadron! The Penguin produced a fine mixture of "found" sounds, instruments, samples, beats and loops. Starting as a series of bizarre experiments involving primitive sampling techniques and frozen pizza, the tympanic duo rapidly evolved into a full-service jam factory, cranking out hit after hit

"Extreme Gaming" was their second installation in the gallery of beatcore.

01 Phantom of the Gay Opera
02 Federation Funk
03 Glamour Hammer
04 Compufunc
05 My Lunar Rover
06 Cop Show
07 Big John '99
08 Doobah
09 Tammy
10 Superstation Overdrive
11 Original Trax
12 Superior Fabrics
13 Walkin' the Noggin'
14 Werkout
15 Stephen Hawking Versus The Galactons
16 Easy Listening
17 Streets and Stars
18 Electronic Eyes and Ears


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