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Silkworm : "Lifestyle" Lp

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Originally released in 2000 and out of print for over five years, Lifestyle is Silkworm's seventh album (and third for Touch and Go). These songs show Silkworm presenting their clearest and most polished visions. To the beat of Michael Dalquist's drums, Andy Cohen's razor-wire guitar and Tim Midyett's baritone guitar snake around one another like twin brothers with a common soul. And, when the last strains of Lifestyle fall away, there is hope - hope that reasonably well-adjusted adult guys can turn the boredom and disappointment of the everyday into glorious art-rock. 

Side A
Slave Wages
Treat the New Guy Right
YR Web

Side B
That's Entertainment
Raging Bull
Around the Outline
Dead Air
Ooh La La
The Bones

If you have not read Paul Duffus' track-by-track essay series at PopMatters about "Lifestyle," now is the perfect time to start.

"[Silkworm] hold an accomplished spot between the likes of CCR and the Minutemen. Not as famous as the former, and not as wild as the latter, but as fresh and timeless as both." - AllMusic

"Euphoric, downtrodden, abusive, and rocking, [Lifestyle] will do more to your head than a full night of drinking." -


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