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Bottomless Pit : "Lottery 2005-2012" 2xCd

Sold out.

Disc One
01 The Cardinal Movements 
02 Dogtag
03 Repossession
04 Leave The Light On
05 Dead Man’s Blues
06 Human Out Of Me
07 Greenery
08 Sevens Sing
09 Red Pen
10 Fish Eyes
11 Pitch
12 Sevens Sing

Disc Two
01 Winterwind
02 Rhinelander
03 Summerwind
04 Late
05 Dixon
06 Kiss Them All
07 Is It A Ditch
08 Q.E.D.
09 38 Souls
10 State I'm In
11 The Colchis Eagles
12 Winterwind (Fast)

This is a limited edition Japanese import collecting the three Bottomless Pit records and then adding three bonus tracks.

Has all-new artwork and a gatefold package.

A bargain.

Don't worry, the three unreleased songs are also available digitally via Comedy Minus One.

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